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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  •  Error message received after installing Google Sheets version. 

    • After downloading the Google Sheets version, save as Google Sheets version:

      • Select “File,” then “Save as Google Sheets.”

    • Select “File,” then “Settings” (Settings for this Spreadsheet).

      • Select the “General” tab.

        • Under “Locale” select your current geographic location. 

        • Under “Time zone” select your current time zone.

      • Select the “Calculation” tab.

        • Under “Recalculation”

          • May change from “On Change” to “On Change and every minute”

        • Under “Iterative calculation”

          • Select “On”

        • Under “Max number of iterations”

          • Select “1”

        • Under “Threshold”

          • “0.05”

  • When running the application within Goggle Sheets, some worksheets may have a slight delay in time displayed.  If there is a considerable delay it should update within 1 minute.  This is inherent within Google Sheets. 

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